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Coated Drill Bits

Coated Drill Bits (HSS and HSS-Co) - From £1.16 Each Online

Surface coatings on drill bits allow greater feeds and speeds when operating at higher temperatures, increasing tool life and thus productivity sometimes by 4 or 5 times. The following characteristics accompany each coating :

TiN (Gold) – Titanium Nitride: A gold coloured film of Titanium Nitride with a hardness of approximately 85Rc is deposited on the tool which extends tool life by reducing friction and enables greater speeds and feeds.

TiAlN (Black) – Titanium Aluminium Nitride: This coating has a greater hardness than TiN. A very thin film of AL203 (Aluminium Oxide) is formed on the surface of the TiAlN which greatly increases the service life of the tool, withstanding higher temperatures especially when machining Cast Iron and tough steels.

For the suitability of the drill in the aforementioned materials, please see our catalogue.

Phantom: A range of HSS and HSS-Co coated drills bits that offer benchmark quality, precision ground drill bits that maintain precise diameters, thus leaving precision tolerances in drilled holes. Not only are Phantom coated drills precise, they also last longer under production conditions, excavate swarf quicker and feature a ‘split point’ or ‘self centring’ tip.

  • Alloyed and Non alloyed Steel up to 1000N/mm2
  • Soft and Hard Stainless Steel
  • Soft Cast Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass and Bronze
  • Plastics

All drawings for these items are available in our catalogue on the download section of the site.