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Long Drill Bits

Long Series Drill Bits

This unique range of long drill bits are designed to cater for all engineers drilling needs and offer a solution to all drilling problems where other drills cannot cope or stand up to modern manufacturing speeds and methods. The long series drills come in HSS and HSS-Co variants.

For the suitability of the drill in chosen materials, please see our catalogue

International Tools: A price sensitive range of drill bits, an unsurpassed combination of price and quality. These drills are mainly roll forged, and provide the user with a drill bit that competes on price with all value brands, but doesn’t compromise the quality of the holes being drilled, and the amount of drills required.

Phantom: A range of HSS drills bits that offer benchmark quality, precision ground drill bits that maintain precise diameters, thus leaving precision tolerance in drilled holes. Not only are Phantom HSS drills precise, they also last longer under production conditions, excavate swarf quicker and feature a ‘split point’ or ‘self centring’ tip.

The Phantom Drill Catalogue is available for download to check the suitability of the drill bit for specific metals, here you can also check the speeds and feed rates (Please allow a few minutes for the catalogue to download). Please use the contact form or email enquiries@phantomdrills.co.uk if you have any questions regarding the Phantom Drill Bit range, our staff are always on hand to give you any expert advise you require.

All drawings for these items are available in our catalogue on the download section of the site.